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Healthy Choice for Kids

Hi Friends!

As my husband and I continue on this journey of healthy living + working on a better relationship with food, we also want to instill that in our children. It is definitely important to keep as many things “grab + go” in our house because we are always on the go! It feels like all we do is rush, rush, rush so I don’t want to get into the habit of fast food being unhealthy and gross! Don’t get me wrong a chocolate glaze donut does a body good on occasion, but it should not be your every day!

Fortunately for my husband and I our kids are natural fruit and veggie lovers!! Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Apples, and Bananas are just a few of the many fruits and veggies our boys consume almost daily! We like to keep cold fruits and veggies cut up and in easy containers for the boys to grab from the fridge. Our healthy “grab and go” options are always kid level in the fridge and in the pantry.

Unnecessary sugars can come from beverages as well as food. We always promote drinking water first but understand that sometimes you need a little flavor! 100% Apple Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, and 100% Juice Box are popular choices in our house. Juice is typically watered down before given to the boys, and the best part is they don’t even know the difference!

We only drink Lactaid Milk products because both our boys developed a dairy intolerance as babies. It tastes great, just like regular milk! The Juicy Juice Splashers are a favorite juice box in our house and I love that they’re 50% less sugar than a regular juice box! I am sure there are other better options, but this is what we’ve come across this far!

We L O V E squeezable options! No Mess, Less Stress! Well, I have two boys so there really is never no mess. My boys are obsessed with Go-Gurt! I am pretty sure it’s because of the character choices on the box, either way I’m happy! It’s a great snack … On the Go! I love giving my kids squeezable options for a quick breakfast, before dinner snack, after the playground snack, whatever the case may be! The best part is you can usually find both of these products in a FAMILY PACK size, so it’s more for your dollar! Nothing like saving money on food!

Peanut Butter To Go … This one probably takes the cake for best food invention ever, and not just for kids! Celery, Apples, Carrots, Crackers, I’m pretty sure anything goes good with a little peanut butter! Cheese Sticks are also a major hit in our house. Lastly Veggie Straws! Veggie Straws are a great choice for chip lovers. My oldest would eat a whole bag of potato chips if I allowed him. I love Veggie straws in the already packaged bags because it is a perfect portion and each kiddo can have their own! Veggie Straws come in a couple different flavors as well! You can also find all three of these snack choices in a FAMILY PACK size!

Happy Shopping!

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Our Morning Routine

One of my biggest suggestions to any Mom is to have a morning routine. I think that whether you work inside the home or outside the home it just feels good to have routine and consistency in your life. I am asked all the time what my routine is with two kiddos, working full time outside the home, and extra curricular activities. My oldest being 5 years old is now dabbling into more activities! It is nice because we typically have spring sports, winter, and summer so not all of our activities are combined. However, some months were juggling 2 or 3 things at a time! It can get crazy, and the more children you have the busier it becomes.

In our house our morning routine really begins the night before. Of course I am human and have my lazy nights where Netflix and wine find me but I try to be proactive majority of the time. Every day that the boys come home from preschool and daycare I go through their backpacks to make sure we’re not missing any dates coming up, hw assignments, and/or activities. I put whatever I can in my phone calendar because that way I can get alerts when things are about to sneak up on me! I am F A M O U S for being last minute about almost everything!

It’s funny because the way our family works is very much a team effort. Usually when one of the kids has an event where my husband or I can’t attend we reach out to grandparents and great grandparents. We are so, so lucky to have all hands on deck with our kids because two parents working outside the home and having children is hard work!!

After backpacks are packed, and calendars are updated I get school clothes picked out, and that goes for all of us! I lay both of the boys clothes on the kitchen table along with the babies morning diaper! The less I have to grab or find in the morning the better!! Right next to their backpacks I have their jackets, and sneakers as well. This prevents (most of the time) the fight between which jacket and what pair of sneakers we are picking! I tend to have “school shoes” vs. “play shoes” and that limits the fighting as well! Some say only girls are a problem with getting dressed… well I beg to differ!!

As far as myself and my husband, I get my clothes laid out and ironed so I am not wasting any time either. My husband has his work clothes, and gym bag packed and by the door! It is crazy, but without those little things in place we honestly would be running around like chickens! Also, my husband goes to the gym every day at 4:30am so if he wakes me up or the boys up that early he is in BIG TROUBLE! 

Currently my oldest is in a half day program so parent pick up can be different from time to time! I always make sure the carseats are loaded or unloaded depending on how the next day is going to go. Having to set up a carseat while getting two kids in the car, and praying your coffee doesn’t spill isn’t the easiest! I also put the diaper bag in the car the night before as well because believe it or not, I have actually left the house without it a few times!

I even go as far to fill up a sippy cup with juice and put it in the fridge in the morning so I can just grab and go! It’s the little things! My lunch which is usually left overs from dinner, and my husbands lunch are packed and in the fridge before we go to bed as well. We love snack packs, and fruit to just grab for breakfast. Wegmans Grocery Store has cute snack packs with apple slices, almonds, cheese, etc. for $2.00! We always stock up!

Finally bedtime …

Good Morning 🙂

Happens that quick doesn’t it? I like to wake up 30 minutes before the kids! This gives me time to have a cup of coffee while I’m doing my hair and throwing on my very quick morning make-up routine. We are early risers in our house, but that’s okay because the earlier we leave the earlier we get home! Yay!

Quick breakfasts include, fruit, mini-muffins, whole waffles, and granola bars. If they can hold it without requiring a plate, fork, etc. it is usually Mommy approved Monday – Friday! (No judgment please, I don’t always have the time to make the kids eggs and bacon during the work week but I can guarantee our weekend breakfast is restaurant style!)

Once we’re all dressed and sippy cups are in hand we are outta here! Not every day is perfect, and I don’t expect it to be. By all means I don’t say this is the only way to function as a working Mom! This routine is just what works for us, and that is why I share it! We’re all still learning together throughout this journey of parenthood! Cheers to the small successes, and the endless learning!

Comment below. I’d love to learn more about how you get through your mornings!

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Mothers Day

To the world you are a Mother, but to your family you are the World

Isn’t that true? We are the glue that holds all of their little pieces together. Sporting events, HW, birthday treats for school, laundry piles, making sure we have enough K Cups in the morning, and milk for our cereal.

We’re the first to rise, and the last to go to sleep. We lay in bed with everyone’s schedules, drop off/pick up times, and grocery lists. Every bugger, every boo boo, and every laugh we document in our hearts and in our minds. We are fabulous. We are mothers.

The day I became a mother was the day I read that positive pregnancy test. My whole world stopped 6 years ago & I never saw it coming. Fast forward I am juggling motherhood with two precious baby boys and it has been the hardest, most rewarding gift God could have ever given myself and my family.

I became a mother at the young age of 21 years old. I was finishing my undergrad and figuring out who I was. I always envisioned myself to be a mother, but I was told I was thrown a different deck of cards. At 17 years old I went into the doctors with my own mother, and they told us both I may never have children due to a condition I had. Surgery was performed, and my family was distraught. Clearly God had a different plan, and I am so so happy he did!

I was able to complete my undergrad, and move onto Graduate school to become an Elementary Teacher. Children were my life, nurturing is in my soul. My wonderful husband and I got married at the young age of 23 years old and every day has been a blessing. This month not only do we celebrate Mothers Day but we also celebrate our 11 year anniversary! It’s amazing that we found each other so young!

Usually my husband surprises me with flowers, special gifts, and time. I’ve never been the one to rush out the door because it’s Mothers Day and I should be able to leave for a day to myself. Heck Yes I appreciate a day to myself, but I also appreciate being lazy, having the kids make me a special breakfast, and watch them color me a very colorful and hard to read card. Time is more precious than anything. It goes too fast, and before you know it they’re grown with their own families and wives to care for.

Cheers to us Mothers. Continue to be the glue to your family, it is a hard job but it is the best job there is.

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Yes, Oh Yas!

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How does it work?

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Let me first introduce who they company is, and what they are about! Yes, Oh Yas is a make up + beauty products subscription that provides us busy women with full size products for small monthly fee. With that monthly fee you can except your products to arrive in pretty pink packaging every month around the same time! We get to experience different products at the convenience of arriving at our door step! With a flat rate of $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping rate. At any time you can cancel your subscription, but I can personally guarantee you’re going to L O V E it!

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Grocery Shopping Day!

Today was grocery shopping day and since my accident Brandon had to go with me which meant both kids joined in as well! Now that is an adventure! My idea of surviving a grocery trip with your kids = snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Usually the deli section hands out lunch meat roll ups which are my boys favorites!

While grocery shopping I prefer to buy bulk items, especially in our every day items. This includes cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries. I rinse, cut them up and combine in a container. Both my boys are obsessed! I use these as side dishes with dinner, quick breakfast in a bag items, and our every day snacks. Luckily both my kids love a healthy snack that is small and easy to pick up themselves.

Today Bryce asked for a new fruit, Watermelon! I think he is itching for some warm weather with a hot dog on the grill. Can’t say that I blame him!! When the boys got home and were having a hard time waiting for lunch, they bit right in! I’d say both of them gave a thumbs up! It makes me so happy having healthy options for the kids!

Meal Prepping has been going on in our house since January. We have had a few lazy days here and there but for the most part it has been easy and cost effective. We’ve been obsessing over brown rice in a bag, and chicken! Today we mixed with up with a fried rice meal adding frozen peas, carrots, two eggs, and low sodium soy sauce! Super cheap, and super easy! We also made Jambalaya with smoke turkey sausage and chicken. I would have added shrimp but Brandon is a no seafood zone! We love anything and everything spicy!! If you are bored with plain chicken and rice I would definitely try this! Mixture of veggies and spices and everything nice!


Lastly one of our new favorite things from Wegmans is their pre-made salads! Brandon and I have tried each style and they’re all super good! Only $3.00 a salad makes for a healthy and easy lunch on the go!


Happy Shopping!


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C-Section Delivery

This may have not been the path you planned to take during your delivery but here it is – the moment you were not waiting for. Whether it is an emergency c-section or a scheduled c-section it is truly a memorial experience, to say the least. Both of my deliveries were c-section and they were completely different from one another. My very first c-section was T E R R I F Y I N G because the whole day was considered an emergency. At 22 years old, and the words “your sons heart beat is dropping and he’s going into distress” was just the start of it all.

There really is no way to “prepare” for an emergency c-section except to be prepared that it can be a choice, and you usually don’t get much time to digest it is even about to happen. The best way to prepare is to be knowledgable of this type of delivery and educate yourself on how to care for your body and your baby afterwards.

You will be spend an extra day in the hospital, potentially more depending on the results of your delivery and your recovery. Both of my c-section’s landed me 4 days in the hospital and very, very hungry. When they tell you moving helps you heal and you look at the nurse like she has 4 eyes, believe them because it does. I don’t mean get out and exercise that would just be crazy, but walking yourself to the bathroom are the baby steps you need to take. It will still hurt to pee just like a vaginal delivery, and yes you will bleed A LOT! My number one purchase > granny panties and period pads. Get them, and learn to love them because you’ll be wearing them for a good month.

Fortunately my husband had a paternity leave with my second because that healing process took a lot longer than my first. I developed an infection in my cut and it was painful. It is so so important to keep your cut clean. DO NOT SCRUB IT, OUCH. I would just stand in the shower and let the soapy water run over it and pat it dry. The first few times you shower I recommend having someone there to help you. Standing up is hard and you are sore, so the extra support rinsing out you hair will keep you comfortable.

Rest, Rest, Rest and I know I’m telling you to do this as a new Mom and I sound crazy but invest in a rock and swaddle or a sleeper that stays right next to your bed so when you’re feeding you don’t have to stand up to get the baby. Oh and speaking of feeding, yes you can breastfeed but it will take a little bit longer for your milk to come in, especially with a scheduled c section. You’re body is not going into labor with a scheduled c section unless it does prior to the scheduled event! So your body is not necessarily “ready” to give birth so it doesn’t know quite yet to start preparing to feed. But relax, it will come in and when it does you’ll be feeling a lot better!

When the doctors recommend you not to drive – don’t. It is so serious you stay safe. If an accident occurs you have a very high risk of bleeding internally and no new momma has time for that!

Here are a few of my top must haves!

  1. Belly Band > I loved mine nice and tight. I wore it under everything, even when I slept.
  2. Underwear that went higher than my belly button. I hated anything touching my scar, so I lived in underwear that covered it.
  3. Maternity Pads
  4. Pain relief medication
  5. Stool Softener (This is no joke!! Pooping after a c section is a serious occasion)
  6. Ice pack or heating pad
  7. Hydrate!!
  8. Squirt bottle to help clean out your wound

There is no magic potion to heal your scar and it will not disappear. However, there are creams you can purchase for scaring that might help. Staying moisturized if a definite but I wouldn’t put anything on you scar until told by your Dr it is okay. While it is healing it is best to keep clean and to pat dry.

My second c-section was a walk in the park! It was scheduled, and within 2 hours of walking into the hospital I had my healthy baby boy in my arms. Having a toddler after having a c-section is hard. If your husband can take paternity leave I would recommend it! If not – have your space prepared before you come. The more you have in arms reach the better! Lifting your baby will not hurt you, the doctors recommend not lifting anything heavier than your newborns weight. My toddler was turning 3 years old so he was a little more independent and potty trained! That saved my life, and my pocket book 🙂

Best of luck Mommas!



New Perspective

New Way of Thinking

Wow! This week has been interesting for me. Completed a full week of teaching, and was in the most scariest car accident of my life. This week has changed things for me. Opens up a new way of thinking and a new way to feel.

One word that describes my week is: Grateful. Weird right? I’ll tell you why, one I have a new career of teaching that I love. Despite the news – all the fear and debates due to violence when I am teaching I am distracted by it all. I am happy to get in my groove. Two my truck saved my life. Not an exaggeration, literally saved me. I was side swiped by a super fast moving vehicle and found myself with memory loss, a concussion, and a sprained back. THATS IT. Some one, some where is looking down on me.

What does this all mean? Go home, and kiss your kids. Go home, and end the argument with your husband because it really is meaningless. In the big scheme of things – valuing your life is the key to happiness. Get up and do what feeds your soul. THANK GOD for every breath and appreciate him. He knew I had more left to do on this earth and that I needed to finish what I have started.