Pregnancy # 2

Baby #2 … I am outnumbered

imageWhen I first found out I was expecting our second baby I was ecstatic! I love being pregnant, is that weird? I feel the best about myself knowing I have this little peanut growing inside me. My first pregnancy I never got into being fashion forward, this time around I had my career going and I loved dressing up the bump!

Having a boy already at home, everyone would ask me, “Are you going to be disappointed with another boy?” To be honest, I wanted a boy. The amount of clothes I had stocked away in bins was outrageous and I thought what a waste if I can’t use these one more time. Don’t get me wrong the idea of dance recitals, doing hair, having a mini me best friend all sounds glamourus and I hope that day comes!

18 weeks pregnant, my husband and I sat in the doctors office and on the screen was confirmation my husbands dream team was growing plus one. Before the joy, excitement, and emotions set in my immediate reaction was, “I’m outnumbered.” Yes I thought about the joys of another boy running around but I didn’t realize until then that forever Id be in competition. Who will talk the loudest to be heard? Who will get to the groceries first? Why do I have to wear second hand clothes when he got the new stuff? All those voices in my head had immediately clouded my brain. Then not to make the idea of being outnumbered anymore of a reality, every person we called to share the news of our baby boy on the way, almost every response was “Haha you’re in for it now Meg.” Or “You’re outnumbered, you might as well throw in the towel now!”

… Now do you get the oh boy mommy

To be continued


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