Mom of two

Woman’s Day 

Let’s start this out by saying as mothers and wives, lets me honest every day is our day. 

Our day to make sure our husbands and children have what they need to function throughout their day. Our day to pack lunches, come up the dinner idea for the week, work shirts are ironed, diaper bags are filled for daycare, homework is double checked or complete. We are every day super heroes and it’s about time we wear our capes proud! Facebook and social media recognition is not what we’re looking for is it ladies? It’s the goodbye kiss from our husbands, the look he gives you like the first day he laid eyes on you. It’s the “you’re my best friend mom” from our toddler that has had a no good very bad day. 

No matter what happens, how many tears we’ve shed, or upset stomachs from not a very good cooked meal we tried and we have succeeded! 

Shout out to you ladies! Enjoy your 5 extra minutes in the shower today!  



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