Mom of two


I never understood this term at first. I honestly thought this Felicia girl was just really popular. Well for the past month while juggling two kiddos I can tell you #byefelicia has taken a whole new meaning in my life. 

When your mother tells you not to be surprised that after children you lose friends, don’t be. Don’t be surprised because it does and it will happen to you. Your single or non parent friends don’t really get the sacrifices you’re making and where your priorities stand. Sometimes you’ll get a few who really look up to the “new you” as a mom and stand by your side as you embrace it. Those are the good ones. Invite them for wine nights, share your kids snacks, and send them a thank you text because they deserve it. 

I used to think I was pretty good at being a friend while still a mom. No I wasn’t able to sit at a restaurant long, I ordered coffee instead of a fun beverage, and I never really finished a complete thought. However, I have an awesome husband who didn’t mind me taking girls nights without our little one and tip a few back. 

Well fast forward 3 years later I now have 2 children. Guess what, I’m really bad at being a friend now, but don’t hold that against me because I’m working really hard on being a great mom. And when you’re a mom I’ll be there for you all 9 months and into the stages of parenthood to offer my laughs and advice. But until then, I won’t be meeting you at the bar because I’m on a feeding schedule with my newborn and my preschooler whose always hungry. I won’t be out shopping for myself because my shopping now contains diapers, clothes for my kids and extra sheets for those who pee the bed. I’ll rarely answer my phone because I usually give it to my preschooler to keep him occupied during times of need. If and when you do get me on the phone talk fast because in 2 seconds I’ll have someone whose hungry, can’t find his favorite toy, or is crying from gas pains. And the biggest thing is 90% of my plans will fall through because whatever they need me for will always trump what you will need. It sounds harsh, but that’s where I’m at.

That being said, this life isn’t for everyone but it’s the life for me. If you can’t see yourself being a part of my crazy, it’s okay I’m not mad and I fully understand. I only have one thing to say to you… #byefelicia 


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