The Meltdown

Okay let’s talk about what you don’t want to share with new moms… The down and dirty… The meltdowns, and no I’m not talking about the kids.

Yes we as parents have them and lately mine have been on FULL FORCE!! The past month my oldest has only wanted me for bedtime. I’m only allowed to get him out of the tubby and dressed. I am only allowed to rub his back. Every Friday night he wants a movie and cuddle. It all sounds insanely adorable until you have 50 million other things to do and your children are boycotting your husband! 

What did I do? No one likes me in this house?

My poor husband thinks he is the black sheep of the family. He asks me regularly “what did I do? No one likes me in this house?” My response to him is, “the kids are in a phase, don’t worry it will end.” What I’m thinking in my head… “YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY!” They’re driving me crazy! 

Anyone else having these days?! I feel like I need to find the nearest Target and camp out. Instead I sit here rocking my baby, eating chicken wing dip and feeling entirely impressed with my multi tasking skills.