Mom Life

Rainy Day Fund

My husband and I are in the process of closing on our very first home! It’s the most surreal and exciting feeling ever. My whole childhood and basically young adult life I’ve never really had to worry about money. To be honest my parents always saved me, always. My husband and I started dating very young, I went to college and grad school, had both my kids young, and just now are my husband and I feeling the “you’re really on your own feel.” Lucky right? Well, I know I will certainly never be in the financial bracket my parents are in but man if I could give my kids just a smidge of what I have been given id feel pretty darn great about myself as a mom. 

So of course with every big idea I have I turn to PINTEREST! Based on research so far, I need my rainy day fun to start and 6-8 months worth of bills stored away. Guess what — I don’t have that BUT I know my husband and I need that so in a year from now we’re above water. 


In order for me to be successful I need to be held accountable. My first step to this rainy day fund savings goal is a saving challenge. Week by week I’m going to put a certain amount away in hopes to build up an account specific to rainy days. In addition to that I’m also doing a 12 week holiday challenge for Christmas shopping. No credit card spending this year! 

I am going to blog each week and track my new challenge. We’ll see how successful I am at accountability to find out step 2? 



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