Mom Life

Yes I leave my husband alone with the kids

Ladies, ladies, ladies… How are we ever supposed to breath for 2 seconds, let alone wash our hair once a week if we don’t rely on our significant others? The beautiful children we have brought into the world are in fact 1/2 of our spouse! Crazy right, they lived in us for 9 months and they get to take 50% of the credit?! Haha … Well I supposed that’s for a different conversation.

Anyways, I find it a little harsh when I get the helicopter mom all up in my grill saying “YOU LEFT BOTH OF YOUR CHILDREN ALONE WITH YOUR HUSBAND ALL DAY?” Call me crazy but I chose to have this mans children so I should trust him a little bit right?! You’d think I wrote up a facebook status asking any of my 900 friends to lend a girl a hand. Nope, he’s not a stranger he’s in fact their FATHER! Now if I let him go and do the Christmas shopping I could understand.

Luckily, both of my boys are on a routine and my husband and I are generally very similar when it comes to parenting. He’s great at warming up soup from a can, setting up forts in our basement to attack all monsters that might cross their path, lets them stay cozy in pajamas all day long, and skips nap time because The Grinch Stole Christmas is on and that is a classic our kids cannot miss.

When I get home I’m overwhelmed with emotion that I have married such a weirdo that our kids look up to more and more each day. So Mommies get the break you not only deserve but so desperately need and leave your husband alone with the kids!