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You are What You Eat

This week I have really focused on making better choices when it comes to food. When I did my grocery shopping last weekend I focused on incorporating protein and low carbs amounts in my foods. I am really struggling getting breakfast in, and I know that should be the most important meal of my day. I have been working on eating a protein bar, or having some fruit. I cannot give up the coffee, but I have taken sugar out and just used cream.

My husband and I decided to do a low carb dinner challenge this week and surprisingly, we did it! I have always enjoyed cooking, I find it sort of therapeutic?? I didn’t realize how easy it was to create normal every day dishes, and turn it into a “healthy choice meal” by making minor adjustments. First thing is my husband is an Italian so he LOVES anything to do with pasta, and bread. In the past we would do a pasta dish sometimes twice a week, realizing that’s just too much I took our two pasta dishes and gave them a twist. VEGGIE NOODLES! The first pasta dish we created with our veggie noodles was a Cajun chicken pasta and we used zucchini and squash noodles. The cream sauce if you will, was simply low fat milk, parm cheese, and garlic! The second “pasta” dish included sweet potato noodles! We cooked the sweet potatoes with some butter, and then cooked them brown sugar bbq chicken and asparagus. Everything really went so well together. 

Some things I’ve learned when creating and cooking low carb meals are chicken and brown rice are a must! We have had brown rice twice this week but spiced it up a bit (literally) so we didn’t get too sick of it. I have never been a rice person, my husband really likes rice so he enjoys it.

Next week I am going to incorporate a new challange while keeping up on my low carb dinenrs. BREAKFAST… This would require me waking up early to actually make breakfast, or prep it the night before?? I need some tips :: How do other moms include breakfast in their daily routine?



Mom Life

YouTube Mom

Good Morning Mommies! It’s almost 8am, and I am enjoying Goldie & Bear with my ALMOST 1 YEAR OLD and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Yes I meant to write warm because it is very, very, very rare that I get to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Anyways, do you ever find yourself watching video’s of other mom’s, and reading quotes about the #momstruggle? I do, in fact I love them. It’s like it offers me some sort of affirmation that my daily struggle or thoughts are something I share with other moms out there in the world? But why do I need that? Why do I need to see and compare what other mom’s go through to feel like I’m not crazy half the time?

To be honest, I tune into YouTube moms way more than I watch television, not that it’s something I spend time and time on but when the kids are in bed and I’m laying in mine just relaxing I do. I look for a title that relates to the type of day I had, and it’s comforting hearing from a complete stranger that has no idea what it is like to be me say “You’re doing a great job.” HOW DO YOU KNOW I AM? Sometimes I think that, other times I think awh you’re so sweet. Haha — No really, why do I need that sort of affirmation? What is that person to me? No one really, just a complete stranger publicizing the #momstruggle but it’s helpful in some weird stranger type way.

I guess in a way my blogs and thoughts are just like this YouTube mom. I’m hoping every day I reach out to someone who can relate to me, someone who feels a little less alone in the craziness of parenthood. Because lets be honest, this life we have chosen for ourselves isn’t really a struggle as we sometimes call it, it’s really amazing but like anything… it comes with challenges, and sleepless nights, and constant worries. So my end thought is to YouTube on mom, YouTube on!