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Healthy Choice for Kids

Hi Friends!

As my husband and I continue on this journey of healthy living + working on a better relationship with food, we also want to instill that in our children. It is definitely important to keep as many things “grab + go” in our house because we are always on the go! It feels like all we do is rush, rush, rush so I don’t want to get into the habit of fast food being unhealthy and gross! Don’t get me wrong a chocolate glaze donut does a body good on occasion, but it should not be your every day!

Fortunately for my husband and I our kids are natural fruit and veggie lovers!! Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Apples, and Bananas are just a few of the many fruits and veggies our boys consume almost daily! We like to keep cold fruits and veggies cut up and in easy containers for the boys to grab from the fridge. Our healthy “grab and go” options are always kid level in the fridge and in the pantry.

Unnecessary sugars can come from beverages as well as food. We always promote drinking water first but understand that sometimes you need a little flavor! 100% Apple Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, and 100% Juice Box are popular choices in our house. Juice is typically watered down before given to the boys, and the best part is they don’t even know the difference!

We only drink Lactaid Milk products because both our boys developed a dairy intolerance as babies. It tastes great, just like regular milk! The Juicy Juice Splashers are a favorite juice box in our house and I love that they’re 50% less sugar than a regular juice box! I am sure there are other better options, but this is what we’ve come across this far!

We L O V E squeezable options! No Mess, Less Stress! Well, I have two boys so there really is never no mess. My boys are obsessed with Go-Gurt! I am pretty sure it’s because of the character choices on the box, either way I’m happy! It’s a great snack … On the Go! I love giving my kids squeezable options for a quick breakfast, before dinner snack, after the playground snack, whatever the case may be! The best part is you can usually find both of these products in a FAMILY PACK size, so it’s more for your dollar! Nothing like saving money on food!

Peanut Butter To Go … This one probably takes the cake for best food invention ever, and not just for kids! Celery, Apples, Carrots, Crackers, I’m pretty sure anything goes good with a little peanut butter! Cheese Sticks are also a major hit in our house. Lastly Veggie Straws! Veggie Straws are a great choice for chip lovers. My oldest would eat a whole bag of potato chips if I allowed him. I love Veggie straws in the already packaged bags because it is a perfect portion and each kiddo can have their own! Veggie Straws come in a couple different flavors as well! You can also find all three of these snack choices in a FAMILY PACK size!

Happy Shopping!

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Grocery Shopping Day!

Today was grocery shopping day and since my accident Brandon had to go with me which meant both kids joined in as well! Now that is an adventure! My idea of surviving a grocery trip with your kids = snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Usually the deli section hands out lunch meat roll ups which are my boys favorites!

While grocery shopping I prefer to buy bulk items, especially in our every day items. This includes cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries. I rinse, cut them up and combine in a container. Both my boys are obsessed! I use these as side dishes with dinner, quick breakfast in a bag items, and our every day snacks. Luckily both my kids love a healthy snack that is small and easy to pick up themselves.

Today Bryce asked for a new fruit, Watermelon! I think he is itching for some warm weather with a hot dog on the grill. Can’t say that I blame him!! When the boys got home and were having a hard time waiting for lunch, they bit right in! I’d say both of them gave a thumbs up! It makes me so happy having healthy options for the kids!

Meal Prepping has been going on in our house since January. We have had a few lazy days here and there but for the most part it has been easy and cost effective. We’ve been obsessing over brown rice in a bag, and chicken! Today we mixed with up with a fried rice meal adding frozen peas, carrots, two eggs, and low sodium soy sauce! Super cheap, and super easy! We also made Jambalaya with smoke turkey sausage and chicken. I would have added shrimp but Brandon is a no seafood zone! We love anything and everything spicy!! If you are bored with plain chicken and rice I would definitely try this! Mixture of veggies and spices and everything nice!


Lastly one of our new favorite things from Wegmans is their pre-made salads! Brandon and I have tried each style and they’re all super good! Only $3.00 a salad makes for a healthy and easy lunch on the go!


Happy Shopping!


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Workout Rookies

So of course I get to my very first workout and we (my husband and I) are 10 minutes late. On the bright side we were able to get sign up for the next day. However, I’m kind of happy about that because now I can prepare. Hence the title, workout rookie.

Part 1 of preparation = Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Water Bottle filled with Lemon Water (that is the only way I’ll drink it.)
  2. Facial Wipes
  3. Brush
  4. Dry Shampoo (If you’re going out after of course, but like most Mom’s I’m just going home to clean up the house and take care of some crazy babies!)
  5. Hair Ties … & lots of them.
  6. Refresh facial spray : I’ve got mine from my Ipsy subscription and I am obsessed. Two Faced Prime + Set + Refresh Hangover 3 in 1 
  7. Lip Balm : My favorite Burts Bees!
  8. Deodorant Stick
  9. Body Spray : Love Express All Over Body Mist is my favorite, so fresh & smells delicious!


Part 2 of preparation = Clothes

  1. Sports Bra : I haven’t found my favorite because remember I am a rookie. However, I can tell you that I am trying two new ones from Forever21 and reviews will be posted once they get delivered! The two that I ordered are High Impact and Medium Impact. I think for Spin Class I’ll prefer the High Impact but we shall see!
  2. Leggings : We all know us Mommies and I think women in general have an abundance of these. Hello, who doesn’t love pants that don’t feel like pants and are still socially acceptable?! Personally my favorite are high waisted, my stretch marks are definitely gladiator scars but we’ll keep those out of the workout room.
  3. Fun Saying Tanks & T Shirts : I think those random sayings can be motivational. I have pinned a few of my favorites on my new board Healthi{her}.
  4. Socks : I love the ankle socks, they are my favorite! I prefer Under Armour because the colors are the cutest!
  5. Sneakers : Nike sneakers are my favorite. Currently mine are pink and 5 years old. I have never invested really in sneakers until I became pregnant and found out what it felt like to walk around with swollen feet. Being that I have only been pregnant twice my sneakers haven’t had that much use but I am ready to kick butt in them now! I think with weight loss, I will treat myself to a new pair.


^ 10% off code for Forever21 – I cannot wait for my new sports bras to arrive!

Part 3 of preparation = Meal Prep

Now this alone can not only be a page in itself for my blog, let alone a book! Remember though, this is just preparation! I’m starting off simple tuna patties, and burrito bowls – I definitely see myself having someone else do my prep work in my near future. I pinned a few different meals on my Healthi{her} board so you can follow along!

Well … I guess now it’s time for me to go Prep? First I have a house to clean so lets hope I get a few things accomplished before the end of my day.

^^ Click here to see my Pinterest board!

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Hey Everyone!

How are you enjoying this beautiful spring weather?? I have been outside almost every day this past week with my family embracing it! I hope this is just the beginning and not a tease from mother nature. Having my windows open, and my husband motivated to clean the garage was enough for me to kick start this spring season. As you know from my previous posts my husband and I have been doing “healthy food challenges” in our house. These challenges have been mostly surrounding what we eat for dinner, and myself incorporating breakfast. I sort of fell off the breakfast wagon the other day and indulged in a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. Now if I’m being honest this has truly been my first Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich in months! However, I paid for it later and I will probably not be ordering from there anytime soon. It’s amazing how your body really doesn’t like something after it hasn’t had it in a long time.

An additive to our challenges I have been including exercise for the past two weeks. Walking has really given me the mental break I need. It is obviously I completely different experience when I am walking with someone, or my children.

Remember my thought… Heal Thy Self??

I have been “healing thy self” by walking. So I am putting actions to my words! Like I always tell my husband… Say what you mean and mean what you say!! 🙂

Overall while on this journey I am down 6lbs!! I am truly shocked that I am actually down 6lbs. Once I reach my 10lb goal mark, I am treating myself to a new pair of sneakers. Want to know my reality on working out… I have had the same pair of sneakers for the past 4 years and they do not look at all old. Haha — However, sometimes you need something new and pretty to maintain that motivation. And I just received a good coupon from Dicks Sporting Goods so I figured why not? 

How have ya’ll been taking care of YOU? Share your health and wellness journey with us!

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Heal Thy Self

… This phrase has been standing out to me more and more recently. Keeping up with my parental duties, two energetic little boys, a husband who doesn’t want to come home to a sluggish wife, oh and me? Yea me? Phew for one minute I forgot that I live for myself too! One of the first things I can honestly say I deprive myself of is sleep. Haha and here goes the eye rolls. Yes I know us mom’s WE ALL NEED SLEEP. So yea, it isn’t a “I want a nap” it is a “If I don’t get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep someone is going to die!” Well maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift.

Another thing that I deprive myself of … Vitamins!!! I am constantly reminding my oldest to take his vitamins yet I never put the fuel I need in my own body. Sounds a little hypocritical don’t you think? How can I expect my own children to grow up taking care of themselves if I don’t practice what I preach!! I would say this whole month has been about making better choices and putting my body back to being a priority. This week we got caught up in birthday parties, cleaning my house, and caring for my sick children. This winter has been horrible on my family!! GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

This weekend I plan on getting back to my clean meal challenges for dinner again. It makes me feel good that I can provide my family a meal that is filling, healthy, and yummy too!! Pinterest has been extremely helpful in this department!

Lastly, I would say my mental health. You know the only time I am truly alone… alone with my thoughts, is in the shower. No exaggeration!! With the weather changes I am hoping to be able to walk more. I have walked twice this month, and each time I feel recharged! Ready to take on the laundry pile! I always seem nicer after a walk, and motivated to be a better me!

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self

How do you as mom’s take care of you?