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The Lonely Mom

I’m preparing you now, this will indeed be a sappy, emotional, pull yourself together post. And I can’t wait for you to read it.

First of all I want to say that this all started from a book I am reading called Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. Lisa if you’re reading this, you’re a genius. Part of my new years reflections and promises to myself I swore reading was going to take more time from me than social media, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am happy to share with you I have lived up to that promise (so far) and I am very happy I did.


This book in particular is tugging on my heart strings a little and I can’t read another page until I get all of this out to you! First things first, if you are a parent, if you are in a relationship, if you are a person you will find this book relatable BUT I am going to focus on my mommies for this one. If we put away the magic fairy dust motherhood sprinkles on our life and get down and dirty I know we can honestly say motherhood can get lonely. Hard to imagine you feel lonely hearing your name 50x in 5 minutes but it’s true because no one situation is the same. We are the only one mothering our children and living in our shoes.

One of the first things to go is relationships and that includes the one with yourself. It’s the sense of wholeness if you will. Showering by yourself listening to Shania Twain “Man I feel like a Woman” has turned into a quiet 2 second shower because you swear you heard that baby scream! Or going to the grocery store to buy everything your husband and kids has asked for but you forgot that shampoo and face wash you like. Oh well you’ll get it next time right? Let’s not even talk about your wardrobe! Either they’re still maternity leggings that your water may or may not have broken in or they’re jeans pre baby that you still can’t squeeze into just yet. But you’re working on it … right? Then there are your friends, the ones that attended your baby shower and got you the cutest bows for your baby girl, but forgot to invite you on the limo bus because they remembered how embarrassed you got when you leaked through your bra at your husbands birthday dinner. Yea … that kind of lonely. That’s uninvited. 

Rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what’s been said to me.

Lysa does not suggest that her way of handling her loneliness is going to be our way – but what she does offer is a sense of hope. Hope that if she found a way to cope with this feeling, we might too! Her reviews of loneliness stem from things she dealt with prior to motherhood and becoming a wife and moving forward from the blame put on God. Now this post is not at all going to be pushing religion or what you should or shouldn’t believe. I personally love that she found something and it worked for her because I now believe the same will happen with me.

Loneliness as a mother in the world of social media puts a lot of unwanted and untrue insecurities in our mind. Is that woman staring at me? Did they watch me yell at my son in the parking lot? It’s been 5 years since my last baby, it’s my fault I can’t lose the weight! To be honest – those people probably weren’t paying attention but you bet I think about that every day. So how do we change this? Two words she mentions that honest will change you for the better.

Live Loved

Live from the abundant place that you are loved, and you won’t find ourself begging others for the scraps of love.

So we get out of our house for a few hours. We go to a dinner party, or whatever and your surrounded by people yet you still feel completely isolated. Yea – been there. When it slaps you in the face that you really do not look like you did pre baby, ouch. As Lysa has described it for us, “Proximity and activity don’t always equal connectivity.” I relate to this 100% because I was a young Mom. At the age of 22 I welcomed my first born into the world and never as some say “experienced life.” Is that even a fair statement? I just experienced 9 months of someone growing inside of me – I’d say that is experiencing life to it’s FULLEST!  Yet I wasn’t full because I thought I was missing out on this “life” my young friends were talking about.

Quick recap I am now 27 and my husband is 28 and we’re celebrating 11 years together this year. So the dating scene and going out to mingle was something I literally know nothing about. 

But truth be told, at the age of 22 I had what everyone sets out looking for. Love, a family, and someone to wake up to each and every morning. So whose winning now?? And guess what, the people that told me I wasn’t experiencing life are still single. Okay that’s a little harsh, but in all fairness that’s exactly what I told myself to feel better.

Oh Lysa you’re giving me all the feels.

By the way, I am only on Chapter 5 so until next time my lonely mommies.


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Toddler Birthday Bash

It’s official – I have a toddler!

Today my baby turned 2 years old, and I’ll be honest I am having a hard time accepting that. It’s such a big milestone and immediately you look at them and they’re big! He seems taller to me, and his face is looking more like his older brother.

A lot of change comes with a little boy who has turned 2 years old. Potty training and language skills are a few we’re going to be focusing on this second year. I’ll be honest I don’t even remember how we potty trained our oldest, it all happens so fast! I love the tips like “let them run naked, they’ll figure it out!” I guess that is one perk about living in the country.

For his birthday party we celebrated in Mickey Mouse fashion. I had some extra help from two of my favorite local businesses both Sweet Eats by Jessica for the cookies and Queen City Crafts 716 for his birthday shirt! I love adding personal touches on birthday parties because I hope it is something they’ll remember forever! Birthday’s are a big deal in our family, everyone deserves to be celebrated! I have attached the link before to open up to her page!

Sweet Eats

Queen City Crafts raced right in with an adorable custom design! I have attached their website below so you can take a look at their current designs. It’s so fun knowing people with such a natural talent!!

Queen City Crafts 716

For the set up of the party we had a dessert and drink table. All party decorations were purchased from Party City. They offer a military discount along with coupon code that is working for both in store and online purchases if you join their mailing list!

This weekend I will be working on Thank You Cards made by yours truly! I keep all of the birthday cards given to us by our guests, and write down what it is they bought. This way we can keep the Thank You cards personal. I’ll have a picture of them posted on my Facebook page once they’re finished!

Thanks for checking in!

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Valentines Day Must Haves

If you’re anything like me Valentines day comes and goes as just another day in our house. With busy schedules, two kids, full time jobs, there just isn’t enough time in the day! Back in the day before life hit hard Valentines day used to be the perfect excuse for cute outfits, beautiful flowers, and romantic evenings! Scrolling through Pinterest I started to miss how it used to be, and it inspired me to get back in the Valentines groove of things but with a twist! I am going to share with all of you my new Valentines Day must have’s as a Wife and Mommy to my two little gentleman!

First Step : Valentines Day Outfits

I love having my boys match! That is one of my favorite things about having two kids of the same gender. Here are some shirts from both Carters and OshKosh that are adorable for little boys!

The best part of these 4 items is that they don’t exceed $10.00 which is perfect for the Mommy on a budget and the realistic Mommy who knows that your boys will have these shirts destroyed in a matter of minutes! #reallifeproblems

Now for us Moms : It can be casual or dress up depending on your evening plans. I plan on creating a yummy romantic dinner for my two boys – and it will probably be making our own pizza! I will definitely be rocking the more casual look!

Here ^ You can see all of my favorite tee’s and sweaters for this Valentines Day season! Being able to pair anything with a cute pair of mid rise Jeggings is my go to!

Step Two: Valentines Day Gifts

I love having the kids make crafts for my husband, and the people in our family! Target had adorable pink wooden hearts for only $3.00! Each kiddo is going to paint a side on both hearts and we’re going to surprise their grandparents with them. Nothing says love like a hand painted craft from grand babies!!

I seriously love target for things like this!


I also have to think about my husband of course and what we’re going to give him! I love Amazon for stuff like this. The bottom three pictures are just a few ideas to get your significant other! My husband loves all three of these things so I will be relying on Amazon Prime for my Valentines shopping!


Step Three : Dessert

> YUMMY <<

I am not at all a baker, and I will never pretend to be one… Unless I am with my kiddos. Sugar cookies are always a “go too” in our house, and anything chocolate chip is my husbands favorite! I pinned a few easy recipes that we use in my house that can easily be switched to a Valentines favorite!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day and it is filled with love and happiness!



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Birthday Planning

I am so excited to be planning my youngest sons birthday party – he is turning 2! I always have to have a theme, it just makes for a better party I think. This year we are doing Mickey and the Roadster Racers, which I am sure you all have heard of! My very first step in the party planning process is creating my own birthday invitations. With my oldest I always relied on Shutterfly but it got too expensive so now I create them on Word and print on card-stock.

Step 2: A birthday shirt! I am using a company called Queen City Crafts, they are locally owned in Buffalo NY. They make custom designs, very high quality, and reasonably priced. You can find them at and I have attached the link below so you can take a look at all they have to offer!

Click Here to Shop

Step 3: A menu. I have been going back and forth with either traditional pizza and wings, or cooking for the party. I’ll be honest, I still have no clue!

Step 4: Cake and Desserts! It’s always a bonus when you know a cookie lady, and fortunately for my guests … I DO! Her name is Jessica and she owns Sweet Eats by Jessica. She has done everything from cupcake baskets for my oldest sons teacher, first birthday cookies, and now to carry on the tradition Noah’s 2nd birthday! I have attached the link for her page on Facebook below and it will lead you directly to her page! As for the cake I always use Wegmans with buttercream frosting and Raspberry filling.

Click Here to Browse

Step 5: Decorations

Of course with the wonderful help from Pinterest I have put together a few ideas! More than likely I won’t use them all – but as the kids get older more kids get invited so I am excited to put together little goodie bags! It’s so adorable seeing my kids have little baby friends and of course it helps because then I gain some new Mommy friends! Yay!

I always ask for RSVP’s a week before the party so I can get a solid head count before order the cake. Food I never really stress because more is better, and whatever is left over – well hello left overs! When you live in a house with three boys the left overs never last more than one day anyways.

I hope you check out the two links I shared, and that it helps your next party planning!

-Happy Partying!!

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The not so boring food prep!

With my promise of a healthi{her} life style I have decided to actually food prep. Now I have said this time and time again, but the fact that I made it to a gym class, invested in what I hope are some quality sports bras, there’s only one this left to do & that is food prep!

My previous experience with weight loss has resulted in boring foods and late night cravings. After a very long trip in Wegmans and some good old Pinterest research I have found what I hope to be tasty meals all geared towards weight loss. My first set of chicken bowls are going to be greek chicken, brown rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a greek yogurt tzatziki sauce.


My second set of chicken bowls will be chicken fajita bowls. I can’t wait for these!! I love spicy Mexican food – but his time we’re ditching any tortilla shells and sour cream. One of the many reasons this is a favorite of mine is because it tastes good with both ground beef, ground turkey, and shrimp! In our house we lean towards venison which is less fattier than cow. Most fajita bowls recommend quinoa but my husband and I aren’t really into it so we stick with traditional brown rice.

chickenfajitaObviously these are very basic and simple recipes which I think is perfect for beginners such as myself. We could go the easy route and pay for someone to prep them for us, but I really wanted to give it a try first! Lastly I am going to make a turkey taco bowl. I’m going to use ground turkey, corn, tomatoes, some lemon and lime juice, and cheese! In regards to taco’s once thing I am staying away from is store bought salsa. We like homemade salsa in our house – I’m not the chef in that regard my grandfather is and it is 10x tastier and 10x healthier!


Clearly chicken and rice are going to be a hot commodity in my house so I am hoping to branch off a little after these are done. I definitely favor chicken over any other meat but I can’t say the same for rice. And just to be clear, I will not be eating these over the weekend. My bowls will be used for lunches and dinner options. They’re safe enough to be kid friendly without all the added spices, which I love! Breakfast is going to be a whole different mountain to climb… This is about 3 weeks worth of meals (I think) depends on how fast they go, and how good they taste.

If any of these meals look appealing to you, please follow me along on Pinterest. I have created a board designated to Meal Planning where I am going to hold everything I actually try! I will also share with you each time I make one of these bowls and let you know how they turn out!

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Workout Rookies

So of course I get to my very first workout and we (my husband and I) are 10 minutes late. On the bright side we were able to get sign up for the next day. However, I’m kind of happy about that because now I can prepare. Hence the title, workout rookie.

Part 1 of preparation = Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Water Bottle filled with Lemon Water (that is the only way I’ll drink it.)
  2. Facial Wipes
  3. Brush
  4. Dry Shampoo (If you’re going out after of course, but like most Mom’s I’m just going home to clean up the house and take care of some crazy babies!)
  5. Hair Ties … & lots of them.
  6. Refresh facial spray : I’ve got mine from my Ipsy subscription and I am obsessed. Two Faced Prime + Set + Refresh Hangover 3 in 1 
  7. Lip Balm : My favorite Burts Bees!
  8. Deodorant Stick
  9. Body Spray : Love Express All Over Body Mist is my favorite, so fresh & smells delicious!


Part 2 of preparation = Clothes

  1. Sports Bra : I haven’t found my favorite because remember I am a rookie. However, I can tell you that I am trying two new ones from Forever21 and reviews will be posted once they get delivered! The two that I ordered are High Impact and Medium Impact. I think for Spin Class I’ll prefer the High Impact but we shall see!
  2. Leggings : We all know us Mommies and I think women in general have an abundance of these. Hello, who doesn’t love pants that don’t feel like pants and are still socially acceptable?! Personally my favorite are high waisted, my stretch marks are definitely gladiator scars but we’ll keep those out of the workout room.
  3. Fun Saying Tanks & T Shirts : I think those random sayings can be motivational. I have pinned a few of my favorites on my new board Healthi{her}.
  4. Socks : I love the ankle socks, they are my favorite! I prefer Under Armour because the colors are the cutest!
  5. Sneakers : Nike sneakers are my favorite. Currently mine are pink and 5 years old. I have never invested really in sneakers until I became pregnant and found out what it felt like to walk around with swollen feet. Being that I have only been pregnant twice my sneakers haven’t had that much use but I am ready to kick butt in them now! I think with weight loss, I will treat myself to a new pair.


^ 10% off code for Forever21 – I cannot wait for my new sports bras to arrive!

Part 3 of preparation = Meal Prep

Now this alone can not only be a page in itself for my blog, let alone a book! Remember though, this is just preparation! I’m starting off simple tuna patties, and burrito bowls – I definitely see myself having someone else do my prep work in my near future. I pinned a few different meals on my Healthi{her} board so you can follow along!

Well … I guess now it’s time for me to go Prep? First I have a house to clean so lets hope I get a few things accomplished before the end of my day.

^^ Click here to see my Pinterest board!

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I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom

So what is it that classifies us as “cool moms?” Is it the way we dress, how many day dates we spend at the playground and Starbucks? I think what really matters is what our kids think of us and what we think of ourselves. I’m just over here trying to raise two little gentlemen and keep my head above water.

I often remind myself to take deep breaths, and remember that I am the boss of my house, but who am I kidding? The real CEO’s are my kids and I’m an employee who works 365 days out of the year and around the clock. However, my form of payment makes me rich, rich, rich!

1. I think one thing to keep in perspective while being a “cool mom” is that it is okay not to give them everything they want. What would I be teaching them if I didn’t give them a chance to earn whatever it is they wanted? Also keeping in mind the gift of time. To me making memories and going on new adventures is much more valuable than anything tangible. Today is my husband birthday and I asked my oldest what it was he wanted to get Daddy for his birthday. His response showed me how cool I really am when he said

Mom I already got him a gift, love!”

My 5 year old really understands love – I must be doing something right!



2. I love seeing how independent they’re becoming – I actually enjoy saying NO! Obviously not with everything, but when my oldest asks me to get him a snack, I gladly tell him no that Mommy is busy and I have put all his snacks on the bottom shelf of the pantry so he is able to pick out his own! Now more often than not he won’t even ask and just goes and get one! He also enjoys telling me no! Shocker right? He wants to put his own shoes on, get dressed by himself, zipper his coat, and even brush his teeth without me helping him! How cool is that?!

My littlest one loves to push up the chair to our drawer and get his pinky and his own silverware. He doesn’t want me to help him eat and he loves to show me his skill in taking off socks and shoes. Even the smallest of things remind me that I am doing something right.



3. Let them be silly… with you. Stay home, stay in pajamas, and make sprinkled pancakes.

It’s good for your soul!



So I challenge you Mommies what makes you cool? Leave a comment to share!