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How YouTube saves my morning 

Okay slow down judgers — I am not subjecting my son to hours and hours of media use. However … i like to get ready every once in a while before work.

I don’t want to look like a train wreck!

My husband is long gone every morning by 4:30am so when that alarm goes off at 6am it’s just the kids and I. In case you’re just tuning in now to my blog, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I spend a good portion of my morning begging my 4 year old to be quiet so he doesn’t wake my 1 year old and the other half racing to get out the door on time. It’s a legit work out to leave my house with two children and make it to 2 separate locations AND get to work! 

Can I get an amen?

So… do you want to know what saves my life for 10-15 minutes every morning? And sometimes more … YOUTUBE KIDS! Yes! Who ever invented this stuff, I am thanking you. And to the moms who YouTube themselves doing stuff with their kids, my child is fascinated by you, so could you keep it up? 

Yes I encourage him to dress himself, take his own pull up off, brush his teeth — but hello, I have a job that pays me so if I’m not dressed and have my teeth brushed it’s actually against our dress code? #sorrynotsorry 

37.5 hours a week I have to be a professional! I have to pretend my shit is together, and I can’t do that with a soggy cheerio stuck to my shirt and greasy hair. Saturday’s and Sunday’s, the boss allows it. (PS: My kids are my boss) 

So when my 4 year old sneaks into my bed at 6am and I am praying to God the 1 year old sleeps for another hour at least … I rely on YouTube Kids! 

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Hey Everyone!

How are you enjoying this beautiful spring weather?? I have been outside almost every day this past week with my family embracing it! I hope this is just the beginning and not a tease from mother nature. Having my windows open, and my husband motivated to clean the garage was enough for me to kick start this spring season. As you know from my previous posts my husband and I have been doing “healthy food challenges” in our house. These challenges have been mostly surrounding what we eat for dinner, and myself incorporating breakfast. I sort of fell off the breakfast wagon the other day and indulged in a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. Now if I’m being honest this has truly been my first Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich in months! However, I paid for it later and I will probably not be ordering from there anytime soon. It’s amazing how your body really doesn’t like something after it hasn’t had it in a long time.

An additive to our challenges I have been including exercise for the past two weeks. Walking has really given me the mental break I need. It is obviously I completely different experience when I am walking with someone, or my children.

Remember my thought… Heal Thy Self??

I have been “healing thy self” by walking. So I am putting actions to my words! Like I always tell my husband… Say what you mean and mean what you say!! 🙂

Overall while on this journey I am down 6lbs!! I am truly shocked that I am actually down 6lbs. Once I reach my 10lb goal mark, I am treating myself to a new pair of sneakers. Want to know my reality on working out… I have had the same pair of sneakers for the past 4 years and they do not look at all old. Haha — However, sometimes you need something new and pretty to maintain that motivation. And I just received a good coupon from Dicks Sporting Goods so I figured why not? 

How have ya’ll been taking care of YOU? Share your health and wellness journey with us!

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Heal Thy Self

… This phrase has been standing out to me more and more recently. Keeping up with my parental duties, two energetic little boys, a husband who doesn’t want to come home to a sluggish wife, oh and me? Yea me? Phew for one minute I forgot that I live for myself too! One of the first things I can honestly say I deprive myself of is sleep. Haha and here goes the eye rolls. Yes I know us mom’s WE ALL NEED SLEEP. So yea, it isn’t a “I want a nap” it is a “If I don’t get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep someone is going to die!” Well maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift.

Another thing that I deprive myself of … Vitamins!!! I am constantly reminding my oldest to take his vitamins yet I never put the fuel I need in my own body. Sounds a little hypocritical don’t you think? How can I expect my own children to grow up taking care of themselves if I don’t practice what I preach!! I would say this whole month has been about making better choices and putting my body back to being a priority. This week we got caught up in birthday parties, cleaning my house, and caring for my sick children. This winter has been horrible on my family!! GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

This weekend I plan on getting back to my clean meal challenges for dinner again. It makes me feel good that I can provide my family a meal that is filling, healthy, and yummy too!! Pinterest has been extremely helpful in this department!

Lastly, I would say my mental health. You know the only time I am truly alone… alone with my thoughts, is in the shower. No exaggeration!! With the weather changes I am hoping to be able to walk more. I have walked twice this month, and each time I feel recharged! Ready to take on the laundry pile! I always seem nicer after a walk, and motivated to be a better me!

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self

How do you as mom’s take care of you?


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You are What You Eat

This week I have really focused on making better choices when it comes to food. When I did my grocery shopping last weekend I focused on incorporating protein and low carbs amounts in my foods. I am really struggling getting breakfast in, and I know that should be the most important meal of my day. I have been working on eating a protein bar, or having some fruit. I cannot give up the coffee, but I have taken sugar out and just used cream.

My husband and I decided to do a low carb dinner challenge this week and surprisingly, we did it! I have always enjoyed cooking, I find it sort of therapeutic?? I didn’t realize how easy it was to create normal every day dishes, and turn it into a “healthy choice meal” by making minor adjustments. First thing is my husband is an Italian so he LOVES anything to do with pasta, and bread. In the past we would do a pasta dish sometimes twice a week, realizing that’s just too much I took our two pasta dishes and gave them a twist. VEGGIE NOODLES! The first pasta dish we created with our veggie noodles was a Cajun chicken pasta and we used zucchini and squash noodles. The cream sauce if you will, was simply low fat milk, parm cheese, and garlic! The second “pasta” dish included sweet potato noodles! We cooked the sweet potatoes with some butter, and then cooked them brown sugar bbq chicken and asparagus. Everything really went so well together. 

Some things I’ve learned when creating and cooking low carb meals are chicken and brown rice are a must! We have had brown rice twice this week but spiced it up a bit (literally) so we didn’t get too sick of it. I have never been a rice person, my husband really likes rice so he enjoys it.

Next week I am going to incorporate a new challange while keeping up on my low carb dinenrs. BREAKFAST… This would require me waking up early to actually make breakfast, or prep it the night before?? I need some tips :: How do other moms include breakfast in their daily routine?



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YouTube Mom

Good Morning Mommies! It’s almost 8am, and I am enjoying Goldie & Bear with my ALMOST 1 YEAR OLD and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Yes I meant to write warm because it is very, very, very rare that I get to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Anyways, do you ever find yourself watching video’s of other mom’s, and reading quotes about the #momstruggle? I do, in fact I love them. It’s like it offers me some sort of affirmation that my daily struggle or thoughts are something I share with other moms out there in the world? But why do I need that? Why do I need to see and compare what other mom’s go through to feel like I’m not crazy half the time?

To be honest, I tune into YouTube moms way more than I watch television, not that it’s something I spend time and time on but when the kids are in bed and I’m laying in mine just relaxing I do. I look for a title that relates to the type of day I had, and it’s comforting hearing from a complete stranger that has no idea what it is like to be me say “You’re doing a great job.” HOW DO YOU KNOW I AM? Sometimes I think that, other times I think awh you’re so sweet. Haha — No really, why do I need that sort of affirmation? What is that person to me? No one really, just a complete stranger publicizing the #momstruggle but it’s helpful in some weird stranger type way.

I guess in a way my blogs and thoughts are just like this YouTube mom. I’m hoping every day I reach out to someone who can relate to me, someone who feels a little less alone in the craziness of parenthood. Because lets be honest, this life we have chosen for ourselves isn’t really a struggle as we sometimes call it, it’s really amazing but like anything… it comes with challenges, and sleepless nights, and constant worries. So my end thought is to YouTube on mom, YouTube on!

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Yes I leave my husband alone with the kids

Ladies, ladies, ladies… How are we ever supposed to breath for 2 seconds, let alone wash our hair once a week if we don’t rely on our significant others? The beautiful children we have brought into the world are in fact 1/2 of our spouse! Crazy right, they lived in us for 9 months and they get to take 50% of the credit?! Haha … Well I supposed that’s for a different conversation.

Anyways, I find it a little harsh when I get the helicopter mom all up in my grill saying “YOU LEFT BOTH OF YOUR CHILDREN ALONE WITH YOUR HUSBAND ALL DAY?” Call me crazy but I chose to have this mans children so I should trust him a little bit right?! You’d think I wrote up a facebook status asking any of my 900 friends to lend a girl a hand. Nope, he’s not a stranger he’s in fact their FATHER! Now if I let him go and do the Christmas shopping I could understand.

Luckily, both of my boys are on a routine and my husband and I are generally very similar when it comes to parenting. He’s great at warming up soup from a can, setting up forts in our basement to attack all monsters that might cross their path, lets them stay cozy in pajamas all day long, and skips nap time because The Grinch Stole Christmas is on and that is a classic our kids cannot miss.

When I get home I’m overwhelmed with emotion that I have married such a weirdo that our kids look up to more and more each day. So Mommies get the break you not only deserve but so desperately need and leave your husband alone with the kids!



To the husbands pretending we’re pretty 

I have been with my husband for 9 years so it’s pretty safe to say I do not look like I once did. I had sun kissed skin from the endless amount of money I spent at the tanning salon. My hair was always done because of the amount of time I had ro myself every morning before class. My outfits were on point because my Express jeans for $49.99 were a good price compared to the other name brand stores. 

Fast forward 9 years we have two children that my once size 2 body carried. We have mornings that begin as early as 4am and nights that are so hit or miss depending on the mood of our kids. We have clothes with stains and colors that are faded so our children can have a new wardrobe every season. We have days with no time to shower and mornings we rely completed on coffee and my eye cream to hide the puffiness. 

If you look at any of my social media pages they went from date night photos with every cute outfit I owned to pictures of you and the kids. I hide my Face and body in every photo taken. If it wasn’t for me posting them people wouldn’t even know I exist. 

But you, you pretend I’m still that girl 9 years ago. You send me country music lyrics like “good morning beautiful” when I know my face is not beautiful as I lay fast asleep, mouth open, while you get ready for work. 

You come home with that flirtatious attitude, holding my hips like you did when I was itty bitty. Winking at my as I get dressed in my super comfy high rise mom jeans like I’m wearing painted on low rise skinnies from express for $49.99.

I love you for pretending. I love you for seeing right through everything and remembering me as I once was. I love you for not judging and simply embracing every part of who I am now as a mother and wife. I love you for loving me in this way as I’m still struggling with who I am.